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Eva Pohler's The Gatekeeper's Promise ~ Cover Reveal & Giveaway

It's time for the big reveal! 

It's time to reveal the cover for the final book in Eva Pohler's six-book young adult series, The Gatekeeper's Saga! For those of you who haven't heard of this series, it's about a teen whose life becomes entangled with the gods of Mount Olympus when one of them falls in love with her. You can try out the first book, The Gatekeeper's Sons, free! Find your favorite retailer here.

The cover of The Gatekeeper's Promise (#6) has been revealed piece by piece over the past few weeks. Here are the highlights:
Gatekeeper's Promise Jigsaw Final Third
Gatekeeper's Promise Jigsaw Final Fourth
Gatekeeper's Promise Jigsaw Final Eighteenth
  Gatekeeper's Promise Jigsaw Final Eighth Gatekeeper's Promise Jigsaw Final eleventh Gatekeeper's Promise Jigsaw Final Fifteenth   
   And now, here it is, the full cover: 

 GatekeepersPromiseEbook final   

Many thanks to Melinda VanLone of Book Cover Corner for her amazing talent. Thanks to those of you who entered the rafflecopter giveaway and the Facebook Event. All winners will be announced by midnight on July 30th on the event page here. The Gatekeeper's Promise is already available for preorder here and will be released on October 1st at all retailers. If you'd like to receive a discount code for the preorder, please subscribe to The Pohler Express here

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Kathryn Johnson's Mercy Killing ~ BLOGGER OPP

Kathryn Johnson "Mercy Killing" Romantic-Suspense/Thriller (Sex Rating 1) E-book, Print Book USA only for Review
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Artist and Washington, D.C. socialite Mercy O'Brien Davis married for love and gave up a promising job as a Smithsonian curator to support her husband's diplomatic career. But while accompanying him to Mexico City, she learns  her famous photo-journalist mother has disappeared without a trace in Ukraine. Desperate to find her, Mercy runs afoul of the U. S. State Department and stumbles into a maze of lies, crime, and international intrigue. When she appeals to her husband for help in locating her mother, he is strangely reluctant. With her marriage already on shaky ground in the aftermath of her husband's infidelity, and the U.S. government ignoring her entreaties on her mother's behalf, Mercy accepts help from a mysterious American agent who enlists her to spy on sexy cattle baron Sebastian Hidalgo, suspected of heading a Mexican crime cartel. Hidalgo is determined to keep her from discovering his darkest secrets, even as he lusts for her.  Manipulated by the men in her life, and their hidden agendas, Mercy wonders if there's anyone she can trust, and what price she will have to pay for her mother's safe return.

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Lisa Regan's HOLD STILL


After saving her three-year-old daughter from a car-jacking, off-duty police detective Jocelyn Rush ends up in the ER.  The last person she expects to run into is Anita Grant, former prostitute and an old acquaintance from Jocelyn’s days on patrol.  In spite of her obvious injuries—mutilated hands and feet—Anita refuses to talk about what happened. Reluctantly, Jocelyn backs off, and Anita's case goes to Philadelphia’s Special Victims Unit. Before long, Jocelyn is pulled into the SVU’s investigation.  Anita is finally ready to talk, but only to Jocelyn. Her story is harrowing, even to a seasoned veteran like Jocelyn. Working with SVU, Jocelyn’s investigation unearths a series of similar crimes going back four years.  Three men are preying on local prostitutes, viciously assaulting and mutilating them.  The police apprehend two of the suspects, but the third eludes capture. As the hunt for the most sadistic of the three intensifies, and his crimes escalate, Jocelyn and her colleagues have precious few leads.  Then a monster from Jocelyn’s past resurfaces.  She doesn’t want to be reminded of the terrible secret that destroyed her family nearly twenty years earlier, but the man offers her a lead that could crack Anita’s case.  To solve it, Jocelyn must connect her past with her present—before a sadistic attacker sets his sights on her.


Lisa Regan is a crime fiction author. Her first novel, Finding Claire Fletcher won Best Heroine in the eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards 2013. It was runner-up for Best Novel. It was also a Digital Book Today Best of 2013 ebook selection. In December 2013, Finding Claire Fletcher and her second novel, Aberration were #1 Amazon bestsellers in the Kidnapping and Serial Killers categories, respectively. Lisa is a member of Sisters In Crime. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Master of Education Degree from Bloomsburg University. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and daughter.


The Wawa was crowded as usual. It was the only Wawa in their neighborhood, and the only minimarket worth its salt. For years it had been across the street with a parking lot so small, it defied explanation. Someone very intelligent had come up with the idea of moving it to a much more spacious lot, the site of a long defunct car dealership. The result was better parking and a larger Wawa but even more customers.
Jocelyn guided Olivia over to the frozen drink machine and let her pull the frozen strawberry cup out of the freezer. Jocelyn peeled back the lid.
“Look, Mommy. It’s the same color as Lulu!” Olivia said, rocking up onto the balls of her feet and pointing to the pink concoction inside the cup.
“It sure is,” Jocelyn agreed. She put the cup into the blending machine and pushed the blend button. As the cup ascended into the machine, she chose a lid and threaded a straw through it. The machine made a grinding, whirring sound. Jocelyn smiled at Olivia and arched a brow. “Does that mean Lulu is a strawberry bear?”
Olivia grinned. “She’s not a strawberry bear, Mommy. She’s just a bear.”
“I don’t know. I think I should taste her and see.”
Olivia giggled convulsively as Jocelyn bent and pretended to bite Lulu’s leg. Her giggles rose to high-pitched squeals. Jocelyn looked around to see if they had drawn stares from the other customers.
That’s when she saw him.
He stood across the aisle, at the coffee kiosk. His face was still swollen and bruised. When he smiled at her, she could see the metal bracing in his mouth holding his jaw in place.
Henry Richards.
What the hell was he doing in her neighborhood? In her Wawa?
She didn’t notice how hard her heart was thundering until she felt Olivia’s little hand tugging hers. “Mommy, Mommy, it’s done. Can I put the lid on?”
Instinctively, Jocelyn scooped Olivia up without taking her eyes from Henry. He took a step toward them.
“Don’t,” Jocelyn said. The edge in her voice froze him. He looked momentarily confused.
Once again, Jocelyn wished she had her gun. She’d have to start carrying an off-duty weapon.
People passed between them, oblivious.
“You’re in violation of a restraining order,” Jocelyn said.
Henry laughed, his gnarled smile framing his wire-gritted teeth. “Like I give a shit.”
Jocelyn glanced around. Surely, he wouldn’t try anything in a crowded minimarket.
“Just a minute, honey.”
Jocelyn panned the store again, hoping to see a uniformed officer. The Wawa was directly across from the 5th District. Didn’t any of them need coffee or snacks?
She swallowed hard over the lump in her throat. She reached for the milkshake and handed it to Olivia. Then she reached for the lid. Olivia took it from her and fit it onto the top of the cup.
“What do you want?” she asked Richards.
Henry reached inside his jacket. Jocelyn’s voice turned sharp and loud like the report of a gun. “Don’t,” she said again, this time drawing the attention of several people around them. She turned her body so that as little of Olivia was exposed to him as possible. Again, Henry froze, nervousness slackening the sneer on his face. He looked around at the faces now gaping at him.
Jocelyn lowered her voice and narrowed her eyes. Even though she didn’t want to be near him, she stepped closer. “Unless you want me to break your face again, you’ll take your hand out of your pocket and get out of here.”
Slowly, he removed his hand. He put both hands up, trying to smile again. The seam where Jocelyn had split his lip cracked. A small bead of blood formed.
Olivia grew heavy in Jocelyn’s arms. She shifted her hold, jostling Olivia. The strawberry milkshake toppled to the floor, landing with a splat. A Wawa clerk who’d been watching the exchange between Jocelyn and Henry rushed over. Olivia wailed, fat teardrops rolling down her face. “I’m sorry, Mommy!”
“It’s okay, honey,” Jocelyn soothed. “We’ll clean it up and get another one.”
The clerk smiled at Olivia. “Don’t worry, sweetie. That’s what we have mops for. Why don’t you get yourself another one? No charge.”
Jocelyn mumbled a thank you to the woman, trying to force a smile. When she looked back at Henry, he was gone.
The clerk already had the milkshake machine awhir as another worker came out to clean up the milkshake. Jocelyn’s gaze swiveled around the minimarket, but she didn’t see Henry. The clerk gave her a napkin, and she dabbed Olivia’s cheeks.
“I’m sorry about this,” Jocelyn told the clerk. “I’ll pay for both.”
The woman smiled, her eyes warm and sympathetic. “Oh sweetie, don’t you worry about it.” She held out a crudely folded origami crane. “Is this yours?”
“Yes,” Jocelyn said. It wasn’t hers, of course. But it was meant for her. Her hand trembled as she took it.

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Twitter - @lisalregan 

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Jocelyn Rush grew up in a upper class family in Philadelphia.  Her father, a high priced lawyer.  After her younger sister is gang raped, and her father doesn't do anything, the family changes.  A month after the raped Jocelyn is in a accident and receives a severe head would, which changes her.  She doesn't remember the rape.  She quits college and goes to the police academy.
In the present day, she is a detective, but also a single mother.  She is raising her sister's child.  On her way home she has to stop to get her daughter's blanket, her daughter is asleep in the car, so she jumps out to grab the bag with the blanket.  But as she turns around she sees someone jumping into the drivers seat and driving away.  Unarmed and on foot she chases down the car, which gets stuck in traffic.  She rips the guy out and beats him up.  Realizing what she did, she finally calls it in.  The first to respond is Kyle "Friendly Fire" Finch.  The one cop no one likes, the one that is lazy in his job, but also the one that is rumored to have shot a fellow officer.  Luckily for Jocelyn, her partner and friend show up to help keep things quiet.

Meanwhile, Anita Grant, a receptionist, former prostitute, is answering a Craig's List ad she put in for a escort.  She needs to make money, she has 2 kids and a sick mother to take care of.  She meets the man and his friend at a Dunkin Donuts.  Getting a creepy feeling she gives them a high price, to which they say they don't have that much money but can stop to get it.  She tells them call her when they have it and leave.  While walking back home, she is grabbed and drug into the back of a car.  They take her to a run down condemned building.  Where she is raped and crucified.  She wakes, one of the guys pulls out the nails, but she passes out do to the pain, only to wake outside a hospital.

Jocelyn is laying on a hospital table with a wrist injury from beating the car jacket up.  He partner is there with her, when they over hear a nurse in the next area saying she has to call the police and report what happened, and also has to do a rape kit.  Jocelyn and her partner Kevin, jump up and question the nurse, then go to talk to the victim.  Jocelyn and Anita instantly recognize each other.  Jocelyn is the only person she will talk to.  But when another victim shows up, and they start finding more in the past, Jocelyn can't let it go.  She teams up with the head detective in the SVU, to track down the 3 men involved.  But when the same thing happens to her sister, she knows it's personal.  She.knows it has to be 1 of 2 men.

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Sacrificial Muse by Maegan Beaumont

Title: Sacrificial Muse
Maegan Beaumont
Release Date:
July 8th 2014

Publisher: Midnight Ink
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Sabrina opened the red envelope and saw one word...

 Mox. Soon.

After learning the identity of the serial killer behind her 83 horrific days of rape and torture, Sabrina Vaughn has suffered more physical and emotional wounds than she can handle. Despite reeling with pain both old and new, Sabrina is given a second chance as a San Francisco homicide detective. But as reporters dog her every step and hordes of mail pour into her office -- from supporters and nutjobs alike--Sabrina falls deeper into a pit of humiliation and anxiety. When nine red roses repeatedly show up on her desk, followed by an ominous red envelope addressed to Calliope, Sabrina realizes that a new killer is targeting her. She is his chosen muse, and the Fates require sacrifice.

Croft smiled and came forward. She skirted around the hood of the car, throwing the uniforms and crowd a curt wave, “Thanks for the help, guys.”
            “You sure—”
            “I’m sure. You two have better things to do than schlep my mess around,” she said, softening her refusal with a quick smile. Waiting for a break in traffic, she opened her door to see Croft leaning over the driver’s seat, his blood-stained hand hovering over the envelope that waited there.
            “Don’t touch it.” She kept her voice low but his head snapped up and he moved back in his seat. The uniforms weren’t going to leave until she did, and neither was the impromptu film crew gathered on the sidewalk. Shit, even Little was still standing at The Sentinel’s window, waiting to see what she’d do next.
She looked down at the red square resting on her seat and weighed her options. The envelope that showed up at the station had been handled and shuffled from counter to bag to box by multiple people before it reached her. Even if there had been prints or trace evidence on it, she’d had little to no hope of gathering any of it. This one was different. It was in her car. The only person who’d touched it so far was responsible for leaving it there. She needed to bag it, but there was no way she could preserve the evidence without doing so in full view of everyone watching her.
            She dug a glove out of her back pocket and pulled it on. “Get a paper bag out of my glove box,” she said to Croft. He didn’t hesitate, didn’t ask—just opened the compartment in front of him and pulled out a bag. She snapped it open and dropped the envelope inside it before folding the top of the bag over. Sliding behind the wheel, she twisted around and placed the bag on the backseat before she started the car and pulled into traffic.
            “That envelope. Does it have anything to do with what you asked your roommate last night about the word mox?” Croft finally said.
            She shot him a look. “Why would you think that?”
            He didn’t answer. “It does, doesn’t it?”
            Sabrina pulled into the first parking lot she found and slammed on the brakes before throwing the car into park. “Did you put it in my car?”
            “No.” Croft looked her in the eye when he said it. He was either telling the truth or he was a fabulous liar—God knew she’d been fooled before.
            “But you’ve been following me all morning.” It wasn’t a question and Croft was smart enough to know he’d been caught.
            He shrugged. “Just like any other day, right?”
            “So, if you didn’t leave it, you saw who did.”
            His eyes narrowed before he took a quick look at the bag behind him. “No, I didn’t. I figured out where you were going before you got there so I parked and made a few phone calls before I followed on foot. By the time I got there, you were already at your car.”
            Truth or fabulous liar—she still couldn’t tell, but it didn’t matter. “Fine. You don’t know anything useful? Get out of my car.”
Croft settled deeper into his seat. “Maybe you just aren’t asking the right questions.”
Mox… it’s Latin. It means soon. For some reason, Croft had drawn an immediate connection between that word and the envelope left on her seat.
“The word—name—written on the front of that envelope. Is it Latin?” she said, every word sticking in her throat. Asking Croft for help was a painful thing.
            “No, but you’re right, it’s a name. What do you know about Greek mythology?” he said, the corners of his mouth hugged tightly against the words as if he didn’t want to let them go.
“Zeus. Thunderbolts. Mount Olympus…” she said, trailing off impatiently. He just sat there, looking at her. “Look, Croft. Playing with me—not a good idea for anyone. For you, even less.”
He fixed her with a defiant glare. “I want to know what really happened that day in the woods.”
She’d known it was coming, but hearing him say it made her want to break his nose all over again. They stared at each other for a few seconds. “Forget it,” she said, reaching across his lap and opened his car door.
He shut the door. “You just beat me up. Me—the reporter who took your very private and very painful story national—in front of a newspaper office, not to mention several outraged citizens with camera phones.”
“What does it matter? You don’t even write for The Sentinel anymore.” Her voice sounded whiny and complaintive. It made her nauseous.
He ignored her. “Answers, Sabrina. Not just one. I want as many as I ask for, and I want the honest truth to every question I ask,” he said, his eyes burrowing into hers.
She sat back, glaring at him. “Or you’ll write a story about how I attacked you, unprovoked in the middle of the street. That I’m unhinged and should be locked up, is that it?” After what’d happened to Sanford—found dead in his truck, face caved in with a baseball bat—and the connection she had to his death, it would be as easy as breathing to convince the public that she was an unbalanced threat to society.
“That’s exactly it. I may not write for The Sentinel anymore but I’ve got plenty of freelance contacts.” His tone was hard. “A story about you finally losing your shit would be an easy sell.”
She’d be lucky if they let her write parking tickets after Croft was through with her—and he’d do it, even if he didn’t want to. She’d just had her career in homicide yanked out from under her. That was more loss than she could stomach for one day.
Croft’s mouth flopped open but he recovered quickly. “Yes? You’ll talk to me. Just like that?”
“You just successfully blackmailed me, Croft. Try not to sound so surprised.” She didn’t look at him, instead staring through the windshield, her hands wrapped around the steering wheel. He was quiet for a few moments. Sabrina wanted to believe that his guilt was getting to him but she knew better. Croft had been waiting months for an opportunity like this. Exclusive interviews from her far outweighed any regret he might feel over how he got her to cooperate. She finally looked at him. “The envelope—”
“Calliope is the name of one of the nine daughters Zeus fathered with the Titaness, Mnemosyne. They were given to a nymph, Eufime and Zeus’ son, Apollo, to be raised,” Croft said. “They grew to be known as the Nine Muses. Calliope was the superior muse. Protector of justice. Said to be the lover of both Apollo and his brother Ares, god of war. Conflicting stories had her bearing both of them sons.”
She reached back and plucked the evidence bag off the backseat, putting on a fresh pair of gloves before opening it. Removing the envelope, Sabrina paused for a moment.
Wait. Take it back to the station. Have it processed properly.
She pulled the wax seal from the paper, slipping the card from its sheath before flipping it open. Inside, in the same beautiful lettering, was another message:
In mortem, et est soror tua.
Sabrina turned the card in Croft’s direction. “What does it say?”
He glanced down at the card, his mouth going flat for a second before it turned downward. He looked at her. “My Latin is way rusty. I can’t be sure that—”
“Tell me,” she almost shouted, her voice bouncing off the windows.
He sighed, his hands still wrapped around the shirt she’d given him. “In mortem, et est soror tua... as best I can tell… it means, in death, she is your sister.

From Sacrificial Muse by Maegan Beaumont. © 2014 by Maegan Beaumont. Used by permission from Midnight Ink Books,


After all Sabrina had gone through, she was finally home.  Now all she has to contend with is the press constantly stalking her and her boss, who feels she shouldn't be on the force anymore.  Things should be going back to normal, but aren't.  She has a bullet wound in her leg and a voice in her head (Wade).  

One of the reporters, has started stalking her and writing about her at every turn.  Which brings out the people calling her hero and the crazies that send her confessions.  So when she starts getting flowers she doesn't think anything of it, even gives them to the other officers to take home.  Her boss is making her jump through hoops, trying to find a way to fire her, including sending her for drug testing, and then sending her back to SWAT. 

The first clue something isn't right is a phone call she receives at the station, asking her if her favorite color is red (the color of the roses she keeps receiving), that the caller isn't happy she gives them away and then that there is 9 of you...but not for long.  Then while going through her "fan" mail, she finds a red envelope with the name Calliope, with the word "Mox" and the eternity symbol.  Mox is Latin for soon.  

Another crazy is after her, and has started killing innocent females, cutting their hearts out and stuffing them with rose petals.  She keeps getting letters from him, that are written in blood, DNA tests show its a mixture of 9 peoples blood one being Sabrina's.  And this killer is always 1 step ahead of her, and is steering her to where he wants her, even to the one witness who could ID him, right before she dies.  

But this time, Sabrina isn't doing it on her own, she learned her lesson.  Her partner, a few fellow officers and Ben (the son of the guy Michael works for).  But when Val ends up missing, Sabrina will do whatever it takes to get her friend back, including going in alone....AGAIN!!


Published May 8th 2013 by Midnight Ink
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Past horrors bleed into a present day nightmare

Fifteen years ago, a psychotic killer abducted seventeen year old Melissa Walker. For 83 days she was raped and tortured before being left for dead in a deserted church yard... But she was still alive.

Melissa begins a new life as homicide inspector, Sabrina Vaughn. With a new face and a new name, it's her job to hunt down murderers and it's a job she does very well.

When Michael O'Shea, a childhood acquaintance with a suspicious past, suddenly finds her, he brings to life the nightmare Sabrina has long since buried.

Believing that his sister was recently murdered by the same monster who attacked Sabrina, Michael is dead set on getting his revenge--using Sabrina as bait.

Maegan Beaumont is the author of CARVED IN DARKNESS, the first book in the Sabrina Vaughn thriller series (Available through Midnight Ink, spring 2013). A native Phoenician, Maegan’s stories are meant to make you wonder what the guy standing in front of you in the Starbucks line has locked in his basement, and feel a strong desire to sleep with the light on.
When she isn’t busy fulfilling her duties as Domestic Goddess for her high school sweetheart turned husband, Joe, and their four children, she is locked in her office with her computer, her coffee pot and her Rhodesian Ridgeback, and one true love, Jade.


This is a fast paced thriller, once you start its hard to put down.  For 83 days, Melissa is held captive in a hell that no one could survive.  On the 83rd day her captor makes a mistake, this time he stabs her to hard and deep.  Thinking she is dead, he deposits her body on a bench in a churchyard.

15 years later, Sabrina/Melissa is living in San Francisco.  She has become a police officer, but not just any, she is part of the SWAT team and also homicide detective.  She lives with her brother and sister that are twins, and her best friend Val.  

Still suffering from the PTSD from the brutal 83 days she lived, she is afraid of the dark and always aware of her surroundings.   So while out jogging, she realizes someone is following her.  When she sees who it is, she knows someone from her past has found her.  Calling the only person from where she use to live that knows shes still alive, her grandmother, who has sent someone to watch over her.

Michael O'Shea, was a punk kid, put into a foster home, where he ran away many times or was in some type of trouble growing up.  Once his foster parents died, he dropped his step sister off at their aunts and took off.  He joined the Army and became Special Forces, then became a gun for hire.  When he found out his sister was brutally murdered he came back to the town he grew up in, where Sabrina's grandmother took him under her wing, but also confessed that the murder of his sister was exactly the way Sabrina had been treated.   Someone in their little town was kidnapping and killing girls on October 1st, Sabrina's birthday.

Michael is in California for one bring Sabrina back, one way or another to lure the killer out and get his revenge.  When he first confronts her, he explains there have been many murders, all the victims resemble Sabrina, and victimized like she was.  He asks her to go back but she refuses, until girls start showing up dead in San Francisco, with notes carved into them for her.  But what really gets her is now hes making threats against her little sister.  So Michael and Sabrina team up and go back home to get the killer before he can strike again.

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Noelle Adams' Road Tripping


RDL Banner
  Road Tripping
Publication Date: July 7, 2014
Tour: Road Tripping by Noelle Adams
Ethan was Ashley’s secret crush, until he became an asshole. Asshole is too good a word for him. It’s bad enough that he stopped talking to her brother, who was his best friend since preschool. It’s even worse that he went wild and got involved with criminal types. But the worst thing of all is the way he trapped her on this ridiculous road trip. That’s what it is. Ridiculous. It just isn’t normal for a girl to get dragged from Virginia to South Dakota in a stolen car with just $1000 in cash. With Ethan Moore, who is way too hot and way too infuriating to be tolerated. But she’s stuck with him on a trip that is taking way longer than it should, sharing cheap hotel rooms, destroying cars, and eluding bad guys. Yep. There are bad guys chasing them. Even worse guys than Ethan, and that’s saying a lot. Plus, she’s having trouble keeping her hands off Ethan. In fact, she’s falling for him hard—when she isn’t wanting to wring his neck. So, for two crazy weeks, her pride, her heart, and her life are all threatened. Ashley isn’t sure which she’ll lose first.  

About the Author: Noelle handwrote her first romance novel in a spiral-bound notebook when she was twelve, and she hasn’t stopped writing since. She has lived in eight different states and currently resides in Virginia, where she teaches English, reads any book she can get her hands on, and offers tribute to a very spoiled cocker spaniel. She loves travel, art, history, and ice cream. After spending far too many years of her life in graduate school, she has decided to reorient her priorities and focus on writing contemporary romances.

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Storms of Lazarus by Karen Kincy ~ Cover Reveal and Giveaway

Today we're bringing you the cover reveal for Storms of Lazarus by Karen Kincy.  This is the second book in the Shadows of Asphodel series.  This is a new adult dieselpunk romance and releases in July.  Check out this stunning cover and then enter the giveaway!
Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00066]
Storms of Lazarus (Shadows of Asphodel #2)
Sometimes escape is impossible. Sometimes love isn't enough.
1913. Christmas Eve. Ardis hardly expects a quiet holiday with Wendel, between fleeing Constantinople and hiding from an ancient society of assassins. And they owe a debt to a certain archmage.

In K√∂nigsberg, Prussia, they work with Konstantin on the next evolution of Project Lazarus. Wendel once called K√∂nigsberg home, the city now besieged by the Russians and their clockwork engines of war. This may be Wendel’s last chance to save his family and find redemption, but he's tormented by nightmares and tempted by laudanum. Ardis fears her love isn’t enough to save Wendel. Her hands are full piloting the automatons, and she's terrified to tell him a secret of her own. Will they—and their love—survive the storms of war?


Shadows of Asphodel Cover
Shadows of Asphodel (Shadows of Asphodel #1)
She never asked for the undying loyalty of a necromancer.
1913. Austria-Hungary. Ardis knows better than to save a man on the battlefield. Even if he manages to be a charming bastard while bleeding out in the snow. She hasn’t survived this long as a mercenary without some common sense.
When she rescues Wendel, it isn’t because he's devilishly handsome, but because he's a necromancer. His touch can revive the dead, and Ardis worries he will return from the grave to hunt her down. Besides, a necromancer can be useful in this world on the brink of war.
A gentleman of questionable morals, Wendel drops to one knee and pledges his undying loyalty to Ardis. She resists falling for him, no matter how hot the tension smolders between them. Especially when she discovers Wendel's scars run much deeper than his skin, and it might be too late to truly save him from himself.

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Karen - author photo2 (1)
About the Author: 
Karen Kincy (Kirkland, Washington) can be found lurking in her writing cave, though sunshine will lure her outside. When not writing, she stays busy gardening, tinkering with aquariums, or running just one more mile. Karen has a BA in Linguistics and Literature from The Evergreen State College.

Find the author: Website | Twitter | Facebook 

Prize one:  signed paperbacks of Shadows of Asphodel and Storms of Lazarus. US only
Prize two: ebooks of Shadows of Asphodel and Storms of Lazarus. Open worldwide
This event was organized by CBB Book Promotions