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Featured Book of the Week - The Coming Storm

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Each week authors can submit one book for a chance to be the featured book of the week, and each week one book/author will be selected at random. The winning book each week will be featured on, multiple book blogs, and social media platforms from various sources.

Valerie Douglas
Author of the Epic Fantasy, The Coming Storm

Book synopsis: 
Elon of Aerilann, Elven advisor to the High King of Men, helped negotiate the treaty between Elves, Dwarves and men. He suddenly finds that fragile truce threatened from without by an unknown enemy and from within by old hatreds and prejudice. With the aid of his true-friend Colath, the wizard Jareth and the Elven archer Jalila, he goes in search of the source of the threat.

Ailith, the Heir to Riverford, fights her own silent battle. Her father has changed, but her quest to discover what changed him puts her life and very soul in danger and leaves her only one direction in which to turn. Elon.

To preserve the alliance, though, Elon will have to choose between his honor, his duty and everything for which he fought.

Click here to purchase The Coming Storm

Author Bio:
Valerie Douglas is a prolific writer and a genre-crosser, much to the delight of her fans. A fan of authors in almost every genre she writes classic fantasy, romance, suspense, and, as V.J. Devereaux, erotic romance.

Happily married, she's companion to two dogs, four cats and an African clawed frog named Hopper who delights in tormenting the cats from his tank.
You can visit Valerie on her website

     Ailith glanced back once as she rode away, the Named sword and the bow bound in their wrappings once again.
     Even in motion Dorovan wasted no energy, he moved smoothly and seemingly effortlessly. He’d taught her some of that as well, the meditations Elves used to keep themselves centered in the world. In many ways he was like the uncle she’d never had, or an older brother. It was that kind of a closeness. There were a thousand lessons he’d taught her that had little and everything to do with what he taught her about the sword and the bow. The Elven concepts of Honor, their language, patience, stillness, more. She couldn’t name them all.
     He was gone through the trees in that long, steady lope he’d told her Elves could maintain for days. She’d never told him of mornings she’d spent in the gray light of dawn running through the hills to test her own legs to see if she could run as he did. There was a joy in it, in the feel of muscles moving, of setting a pace that took you over hills and through valleys. She didn’t do it often now, not any more.
     With a pang, she wished she could call him back. She couldn’t. She’d been gone for some days now, visiting her grandmother. It was a long ride home, and she dreaded what she would find there.
     The breeze cooled her face, drying the sweat.
     It didn’t cool her fevered thoughts, which crowded back now she was alone.
     High on a distant hill she caught a glimpse of some of the Woodsmen she thought, riding along the edge of a wood. She wondered if Gwillim were among them but she didn’t see his familiar head. He’d taken a group of Hunters up into the east highlands, as there had been many reports of things from the borderlands coming across up there. These, though, seemed to have no urgency to them, no air of alarm. Nothing for her to worry about, then, simply the usual patrol.
     She’d never thought that at any time in her life she would dread going there, but she did.
     It was like wading along the familiar shore of the river only to find a sharp stone awaiting unseen beneath the murky water. One false step and there would be pain. Her mother, usually a cool, calming presence, had become a shadow. There was a puzzled worry in her eyes on the rare occasions Ailith did see her. Else she stayed in her rooms or wandered through the small library off the great room like a ghost. She wouldn’t speak of what worried her though Ailith had tried. Selah looked drained and tired, as if she didn’t sleep well these days.
     Nor did Ailith often of late. Odd dreams troubled her sleep, some she could remember, some she couldn’t. Often it was of lying frozen in her bed, unable to move, while something terrible stood just outside the door listening to her breathe. She feared it, that unknown presence, feared the shadow that fell on the space beneath the door cast by the torch outside her room.
Firmly, she thrust those thoughts behind her.
     She should have told Dorovan, he would’ve known whether her fears were groundless or not. She could still tell her grandmother. Not today, it was too late to go back now. It would be some days before she could arrange another visit. She thought maybe her mother might have said something but there’d been no sign of it. Her grandmother Delae, that firm practical lady, would know whether she was being foolish or not. But she was her mother’s mother and it felt as if Ailith were betraying her parents by speaking of it.
     Dorovan she could have told.
     For all his friendship with her grandmother – she knew it was more than that but it was a good enough description – he wouldn’t betray her secrets unless he felt she should speak. In some ways for her, he was a neutral party.
     It didn’t matter, that chance was lost until the next time he came. That could easily be months. Once it had been almost a year. A short time in the long lives of Elves.
     Her horse clattered up the causeway. The gates were open as they often were during the day. The sun wasn’t too low on the horizon – it still cast a warm golden glow. A stable boy came up to take her horse, which she gave up gratefully and with a smile.
     “Thank you, Gellin,” she said, softly.
     “I’ll walk ’im a bit for you, miss,” Gellin said, ducking his head.
     A bellow startled them both. “Get out!”
     Stunned, horrified, her package cradled in her arms, Ailith spun as Gellin flinched.
     She knew that voice. It was her father’s voice. But he never shouted.
     There he was, though, standing between the entryway doors. His face was red, nearly purple. She’d thought her shock couldn’t be greater than when she’d heard him shout. She was wrong. This couldn’t be her father, this red-faced furious figure in the doorway. It couldn’t.
     He couldn’t be shouting at Tanith. He couldn’t.
     Tanith had been chatelaine at Riverford since before Ailith was born. In all her years Ailith had never seen her father like this, so angry. She hadn’t known him capable of it.
     All around people stopped to stare, sharing her bewilderment.
     Tanith backed away from the doors in the face of Geric’s fury, then finally she broke and fled, her skirts flying as she ran for the gates. Her hands were at her face, and Ailith could tell she was weeping.
     Past shock, Ailith was sick at heart as her father reached out for the doors on either side and drew them shut with a bang.
     “Gellin, take the horse into the stables and brush him down until he’s cool. Go quietly, lad.”
     Somehow, she didn’t think the storm that was her father had passed. Rather than face that uncertain wrath herself she slipped into the castle through the kitchen entrance.
The cooks all stood frozen, their eyes on the door to the castle interior. They looked frightened. The head cook looked at Ailith with a shaken expression. Ailith shook her head at the unasked question. She didn’t know either.
     Swiftly, she ran up the back stairs with her precious gifts cradled in her arms. When she reached her rooms, she thrust them beneath her bed where they would be safe. Why she felt they wouldn’t be safe in her own home didn’t occur to her. She only knew she had to hide them.
     Relieved, she sat on her bed and then realized with fresh fear that someone stood outside the open door. Cold alarm washed through her.
     It was her mother.
     Arms clasped around herself, her eyes wide and staring, Selah stood at the top of the stairs and listened to the brooding, waiting silence below as Ailith did. She was more of a ghost than ever, dressed in a gauzy gray that matched her eyes, she was like a shadow.
     A softly held breath slowly escaped her.

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Eva Pohler's Gray's Domain ~ Cover Reveal & Facebook Party

Are you familiar with Stanley Milgram's shock experiment? If not, here's a two-minute video that will tell you the haunting results:


Purgatorium CoverThe major antagonist of The Purgatorium Series, Dr. Hortense Gray, was adopted by a psychologist and a contemporary of Stanley Milgram, Philip Zimbardo, and other psychologists in the wake of World War II who wanted to know how good people can commit horrible atrocities against others. Dr. Hortense Gray, also a psychologist with an impeccable record of curing troubled patients, has a different question: If we force suicidal people to fight for their lives, will the survival instinct overpower the suicidal tendency? She has created a compound called The Purgatorium on an island off the coast of California where she uses experimental therapy on unknowing patients. Sent to the island by her parents, seventeen-year-old Daphne Janus, who feels responsible for her sister's death and her brother's mental illness, is Dr. Gray's newest patient. Does Dr. Gray go too far? Or, do the ends justify the means? Read the series, and tell us what you think! Today (Sunday, April 27th) we are celebrating the cover reveal of the second book in the series, Gray's Domain, with a huge Facebook event. We would love for you to join us for fun games and prizes. 


First a word about the title. If you've read The Purgatorium (and if you haven't, click on the pic above to see purchase links), you know that Dr. Gray refers to herself as Prospero, a character from Shakespeare's The Tempest, and she refers to the island as her domain. So there you go: the reason for the title. (Btw, the third and final book in the series is called The Calibans.)

Therese's Silver BraceletExpect fun games and fantastic prizes. One prize will be the silver bracelet seventeen-year-old Daphne is given in the first book to represent both the bonds (of fear and guilt) she must overcome and the new bonds of friendship she fosters with the other characters.

Athena Locket with KeyAlthough this novel is not based on Greek mythology like The Gatekeeper's Saga, because it's so popular, Athena will give away one of her lockets. She's relevant to this series because her words of wisdom in the locket are as important to Daphne as they are to Therese: "The most common way people give up their power is by believing they have none." Inspired by Alice Walker (author of The Color Purple), this inscription motivates Therese to keep fighting against all odds.

Beach ToteBeach TowelThere will be other prizes, too, including a cool beach towel and bright yellow beach tote (the story takes place in the summer on a beautiful island). And, because the book is about therapy (albeit a very frightening experimental sort) you can also win a box of chocolate therapy (Russel Stover's French Chocolate Mints), and a bottle of aromatherapy (Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint).

Chocolate Therapyaromatherapy stress relief bath and body works

To join the party, click here or on the image below. I hope to see you there!

 Gray's Domain Cover Reveal

Friday, April 25, 2014

Laura Howard's Stone of Destiny

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Stone of Destiny (The Danaan Trilogy Book 2)

by Laura Howard

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance


Allison thought it was crazy enough when she found out her father, Liam, wasn't entirely human. But now she has to join his magical allies to unravel his former mistress's plans. Aoife wants to keep Allison's parents apart forever.

Despite Allison's efforts to keep Ethan, the only guy she's ever cared about, out of this supernatural mess, fate keeps throwing him back into the mix.

Will Allison be able to find the amulet that holds the enchantment Aoife placed on Liam and destroy it? Are Ethan' s feelings for Allison strong enough to endure the magic of the Tuatha De Danaan?

Book One in The Danaan Trilogy

Author Bio:
Laura Howard lives in New Hampshire with her husband and four children. Her obsession with books began at the age of 6 when she got her first library card. Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High and other girly novels were routinely devoured in single sittings. Books took a backseat to diapers when she had her first child. It wasn’t until the release of a little novel called Twilight, 8 years later, that she rediscovered her love of fiction. Soon after, her own characters began to make themselves known.

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Featured Book of the Week - The Healer's Legacy

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Each week authors can submit one book for a chance to be the featured book of the week, and each week one book/author will be selected at random. The winning book each week will be featured on, multiple book blogs, and social media platforms from various sources.

Sharon Skinner
Author of the YA/Crossover Fantasy, The Healer's Legacy

Book synopsis: 
Orphaned by war, haunted by unknown origins, and chased by a warlord and his army of brutal soldiers. KIRA is a young woman on the run from her abusive mate Toril, the hero turned warlord, who led the country's forces to victory against the outland raiders. Only that was before his love of power consumed him. Now, his only focus is on tracking down Kira and making her punishment an example of his power. Her only advantage lies in her ability to telepathically communicate with her traveling companions, Kelmir, a large hunting cat, and Vaith, a miniature wyvern. But the quest for freedom isn't the only struggle Kira faces. She must also come to terms with her past choices, whose echoes drive her present. And now, the future of the land and people she has come to love depends on the decisions she will be forced to make. 

Author Bio:

Sharon Skinner has been writing stories and poetry since grade school.  She is a voracious reader of anything and everything, but her writing tends to be focused on fantasy, Steampunk, and the occasional ghost story. She holds a BA in English and an MA in Creative Writing, and works hard to continuously improve her craft. Sharon also teaches workshops on creative writing and engaging audiences. She is an active member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and currently serves as the Assistant Regional Advisor for SCBWI AZ. When she isn’t traveling around the country to present at Cons, such as Emerald City ComiCon and Phoenix ComiCon, and various book festivals, she spends her time writing, re-visioning and editing.  She currently resides in Mesa, AZ.
You can visit Sharon on her website

"Kira tasted blood. She ran her tongue along the inside of her swollen mouth and winced. The cut on her lip had reopened.  Shifting in her saddle to ease the pain that burned through her body, she glanced at the men who rode beside her. They were tough and strong, battle-hardened soldiers, two of Toril’s fiercest fighters. “Escorts,” he’d called them. Kira knew only too well what they really were.” 

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Tish Thawer's Raven's Breath ~ Excerpt, Review & Giveaway

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Raven can breathe life into you, or siphon the life from you...the choice is yours.
They say your life flashes before your eyes when you die. But what you didn't know...your last thoughts determine whether Raven becomes your grim reaper or your saving grace.

Death has a sinister plan, but his favorite female reaper has been given a new power that will combat his secret mission. The only issue...she hasn't discovered it yet.

Will Raven put the pieces together in time, or will Purgatory be destroyed forever?

Tish Thawer writes paranormal romances for all ages, including her new adult series The Rose Trilogy, and her adult paranormal romance, The Ovialell Series, as well as young adult short-stories. Her magickal elements and detailed world-building are a welcome constant in every novel.
Before becoming a writer she worked as a computer consultant, a photographer, and a graphic designer. She also operates a custom glass etching business, in addition to being a wife and mother of three wonderful children.
She's been a fan of the paranormal for as long as she can remember. Anything to do with superpowers, myth and magic has always held a special place in her heart.  From her first paranormal cartoon, Isis, to the phenomenon that is Twilight, this genre has always been a part of her life. 
A common FAQ: "How do you pronounce her last name?"
Answer: Think "Bower" or "Thow-er." It's Persian!


Siren's blared, cutting through the quiet night. I watched from the shadows as the man who'd just been hit by a taxi lay bleeding on the frigid, grime covered ground. People gathered and were staring at the gruesome scene, while the driver of the taxi sat on the curb, crying into his hands.

I scanned the crowd, picking out who'd seen death before and who hadn't.
I could always tell.
As he took his last breath, my attention snapped back to the dying man. Images began to take shape in his mind; images that due to my job, I, too, could see.
Snapshots of him riding a motorcycle for the first time, of him falling in love, of his big successful promotion at work...all images of him. It was the usual replay of one's life flashing before their eyes as they die. When the replay stopped, it was time for me to go to work.
I stepped out of the shadows and took two steps in his direction. To the people watching, his wide eyes marked his final passing, but to me they continued to grow as he took in my features: my dark hair blowing in the wind, my curvaceous body wrapped in tight black leather, my large wings the color of the night sky. No one could see me but him, for he now resided in the my world. I extended my hand and offered my usual greeting. "My name is Raven and I'm here to help you."
He reached for my hand then looked back to take a final look at his body, as most of them do. "Am I really dead?"
"And you're the..."
"Grim Reaper."
This was the exact conversation I'd had with thousands of souls, which was why I knew that now would be the best time to comfort him, before he got scared to death––no pun intended––and tried to flee from me.
I extended my wings and let my divine light radiate from within. "Please don't fear. I'm only here to help you find peace." 
This usually worked since I looked more like an angel with wings than the old man with a scythe that most people envisioned. Maybe that's why I'd been chosen to become the first female Reaper in history. I think the boys had been losing too many souls.
Raven's Breath is an upbeat, action packed, fast paced, quick, suspenseful read with a new take on the age old tale of Death/Grim Reaper.
"The fissure his words caused within me elicited a strange dueling reaction. My first thought was to rip him limb from limb, but at the same time, I wanted to spread my wings, burst free of this place, fly home, and cry my eyes out. ~ Raven"

"Garrett may be a pencil pusher for all intents and purposes, but he was one of those hot geeky types that when you looked closely enough, you could see he had a real Clark Kent/Superman vibe going on. He was tall and built with dark hair and beautiful blue eyes. We'd never dated and never would, but as I stared at the perfect man asleep on my couch, I knew if we had...I would've been the lucky one. ~ Raven"

"I stared, taking in her porcelain skin, dark gothic makeup, and long platinum hair. I wanted to rant and rave, to verbalize all the venomous thoughts pooling on my tongue, but as Death's icy stare bored into me, I quickly gained control of my emotions and introduced myself instead. ~ Raven"

Autographed copy of Raven's Breath and Swag Pack 

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Bethany Crandell's Summer on the Short Bus ~ Book Blast & Giveaway

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Release Date: April 1, 2014

Publisher: Running Press Kids


Spoiled, Versace-clad Cricket Montgomery has seventeen years of pampering under her belt. So when her father decides to ship her off to a summer camp for disabled teens to help her learn some accountability, Cricket resigns herself to three weeks of handicapped hell. 

Her sentence takes a bearable turn as she discovers the humor and likeability of the campers and grows close to fellow counselors. Now, if she can just convince a certain Zac Efron look-alike with amazing blue eyes that she finally realizes there's life after Gucci, this summer could turn out to be the best she's ever had.

Summer on the Short Bus is a very non-P.C., contemporary YA with a lot of attitude, tons of laughs, and a little life lesson along the way.

"Crandell creates a wonderful and relatable protagonist with Cricket but even better than that, she surrounds her with equally relatable, flawed, and real characters...This book is an absolute winner!" – Feathered Quill Book Reviews

“A novel oozing with heart and humanity.” - Ken Baker, E! News correspondent and author of Fangirl and How I Got Skinny, Famous and Fell Madly in Love

“A hilarious and heartwarming ride.” – Jennifer Salvato Doktorski, author of How My Summer Went Up in Flames and Famous Last Words



Bethany lives in San Diego with her husband, two kiddos (one of whom is differently-abled), and a chocolate lab who has no regard for personal space. She believes that prayer solves problems and that Jake Ryan is going to show up at her door any minute now…. She is represented by Rachael Dugas of Talcott Notch Literary Services.


 Giveaway is open Internationally for Gift Card, US Only for Book. | Must be 13+ to Enter

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Candy Crum's The Eternal Gift - Spotlight, Excerpt & Giveaway


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Title: The Eternal Gift
Series: The Eternal Series Vol. 1
Author: Candy Crum
Genre: NA Paranormal Romance
Audience:  17+
Formats: Kindle/Paperback
Publisher: Candy Crum
Cover By: Megan Parker with EmCat Designs
Editor: Nathan Squiers with Literary Dark Editing
Pages: 224
ISBN-10: 061546050X
ISBN-13: 978-0615460505
ASIN: B00522J7HS
Published Date: April 11, 2014

A young girl (Kailah) discovers that she is from a lost and forgotten powerful Immortal blood line after she meets a strange new physician at work. She begins to have visions and see spirits and has trouble controlling bad things from happening when she is angry. Along the way she discovers the terrible truth about who she is and the incredible power that is locked away deep inside her. Her Immortal ancestors want to use her to destroy the vampire race. Vampires want to use her power to destroy her Immortal ancestors. But hiding in the shadows are those who have been watching her since she was born. They want to help Kailah discover who she is and help her learn to use her abilities. They simply want for her to make the right decision before it's too late. Unfortunately for them time is not on their side and the Rogue Vampires have plans for Kailah no one could have imagined.

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CHAPTER ONE (first half)
The night was cool and thick as it sheathed me in total darkness. The satin shorts and camisole that I’d gone to bed in were now damp from the moisture hanging heavily in the air. Holding my hands in front of my body, I blindly wandered around in blackness as I tried to find some kind of clue that would give me a better picture. My bare feet told me that I was standing on soft ground, the tall grass tickling my calves as I moved. It was possible that I was in a large pasture, though the clean, crisp scent of the air let me know that no large animals were near.
Thunder cracked in the distance and the ominous, coal-black clouds had even chased the moon and stars into hiding, not even the faintest glow giving away their location. It took a moment, but my mind was finally beginning to recognize this place. This was a dream world, one that I’d seen before. With every passing night, with every passing dream, I was able to travel further and further into this illusion as I tried to discover its meaning. I’d had recurring dreams before, but there was something different, disturbing about this one that seemed to speak to me. There was something that I was supposed to learn here and I needed to find it.
The wind began to pick up and I looked to the north, the same direction that I looked to every night. Lightning cascaded across the sky, illuminating the massive, empty pasture in which I stood. The momentary flash brought something to my attention that I’d never seen in the dream before. Two figures stood off in the distance, several yards between them, facing off. Even with great distance between us, I could feel the tension rolling off of them. That must be the dark, heavy feeling in the air that I’d felt: anger, hatred.
Thunder rolled again as the lightning danced across the sky. Using the display to light my path, I ran toward the figures ahead of me. As I approached, a bolt of raw, electric energy reached down from the sky and ignited the immediate area in flames. The swift turn of events stopped me short, nearly throwing me to the ground. The flames spread into a perfect circle as it surrounded both figures, blocking any further approach by me. Sharp chills cut through me from head to toe as I realized that one of them was fully controlling the blaze.
Now that I was closer, I could tell that the figures were women. One woman, maybe an inch or two over five feet tall, stood around fifty feet away, and to my right. Her long, jet-black hair reached just below her hips and whipped around in the increasing wind. As I studied her, I began to see a deep-red, transparent cloud, like an aura surrounding her. She was strong, very strong, and I could feel her overwhelming power from here.
Looking to my left, her opponent was roughly the same height; only her hair was frosty white and hung to her knees. This woman was much different. She was surrounded by an aura cloud as well, though hers was dark blue. Something about her called to me and it took everything I had not to trudge barefooted through the flames to reach her.
Rain began to fall and quickly soaked everything around us, though it was still unable to extinguish the fire. Movement brought me to attention as the white haired woman lifted her arms. The earth began to quake beneath me as it broke free all around her. She looked like a dancer as she maneuvered her body, forcing the element into submission under her power. The packed earth sailed through the air towards the dark haired woman, but she was quick to react.
In a flash, she completely disappeared from my sight, managing to dodge the attack. My eyes moved quickly as I focused to find her. My body locked up as my vision was suddenly clouded with the mysterious dark haired woman as she appeared before me, seemingly out of nowhere. Her dark, emerald green eyes and dilated coal-black pupils stared into mine, glinting in the firelight. Her raven hair seemed alive as it brushed my skin and sent tingles running through my body. Her flawless, olive-toned skin nearly glowed as she stood there, concern in her expression.
“Kailah.” As her soft, sweet voice spoke my name, I inhaled sharply. Though her mouth barely moved as she spoke my name, her perfect, white teeth showed just enough for me to make out four tiny, yet still elongated, razor sharp fangs. My heart fluttered rapidly as I wondered if this woman was the creature that she appeared to be, and if so, how did she know me and what did she want with me?
“Y-yes?” I stammered.
“This is not a dream, Kailah. It’s a warning.” She leaned in closer. “Run,” she whispered.
“Wait, what?” I asked, chills once again stabbing me like thousands of needles running from the roots of my hair to the bare, wet soles of my feet.
As soon as I turned to run, the dark thunder cracked overhead and the lightning began touching the ground all around me, trying to hold me where I stood. I heard a loud growl sound out from behind me, but decided not to look back. The earth began to shake again and my bare feet slid on the wet grass, the soft ground cushioning me as I fell hard on my right hip.
“Hello Kailah.” The new voice sent a shiver down my spine as I looked into the icy blue eyes of the white-haired woman.
Though her hair would have suggested otherwise, she looked no older than me: around twenty. Her skin was also olive toned and absolutely flawless, just like the other woman. Though, normally, one would look to the light as salvation and the darkness as hell, I didn’t think that was the case in this situation. Her crystalline blue eyes had death in them and I found myself backing away from her, toward the raven-haired beauty.
She laughed and the sound enveloped me like frigid water. “Kailah, you would choose the Vampire over your own grandmother?”
Before I could digest the words that she had unleashed on me, her attention shifted and the blue aura cloud surrounding her exploded into a barrier. Instinctively, my eyes closed and I threw my hand out as a large throwing knife bounced off the cloudy shield and headed for me.
“It is you!” she said with wonder.
My eyes snapped open and surrounding my hand was the same blue energy that surrounded the white-haired woman, only mine had a throwing knife buried in it. I couldn’t stop the scream that bubbled up out of my throat as the energy dissipated and the knife fell in my lap. What the hell was going on?
Her attention shifted again and with soft, graceful movements, a lightning bolt responded as it split from the sky and reached for her outstretched hand. She caught the energy easily before throwing it at her opponent. Another loud growl sounded out only a moment before something slammed hard into the barrier. That something, I realized, was the woman she had referred to as the Vampire.
Dark red energy swelled around the supposed Vampire as she pushed against the barrier of the opposing woman. “Kailah! She can find you in your dreams! Go, now!” As soon as the order left the raven-haired beauty’s lips, energy exploded from her body as the white-haired woman was thrown several feet away. “This dream is a figment of your own mind but, make no mistake, this is a premonition. You are the key to ending this war and if she finds you, it will doom all humans to a fate worse than death. Leave this realm now and prepare your mind. Your life is about to change.”
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1 x $5 Amazon GC
1 x Signed Paperback (USA Only)
1 x E-Book of Eternal Gift by Candy Crum
clip_image006Candy Crum lives in Indiana and is the Author of “The Eternal Series” and other short stories. She published her first novel, The Eternal Gift, in May of 2011 and has been publishing ever since. Candy is an avid lover of the paranormal genre, stemming from years of reading the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice when she was a teenager. Later, she developed a deep love of the Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead and the House of Night Series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast, furthering her love of the genre and pushing her to really push to finish and publish her novel.
Since then, Candy has released three other books in The Eternal Series and will release another later in 2014. Now, Candy is trying her hand at more contemporary pieces of work, like that of Lean on Me and other books she will release in 2014.
Some of Candy’s interests include the usual reading and writing, music (of most types), movies (action and comedy or any combination of the two), cartoons (she loves to say that her children watch cartoons because she does), and drawing. She loves talking with her fans and loves reading the reviews that her fans are kind enough to leave for her. Always feel free to find Candy on Facebook and send her a message!
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