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Meg Collett's The Only One

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The Only One Cover-good resTitle: The Only One
Series: End of Days #3
Author: Meg Collett
Audience: New Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance
  Formats: E-book and Paperback
Cover by: 
Released: June 30, 2014

In the final installment to the popular End of Days series, Heaven still belongs to a mad tyrant, and Michaela is losing her battle to save the dying world. But the tides are turning. With Gabriel’s fallen army, Michaela can finally start a war with the holy angels, which means she has to take care of the Watchers once and for all. What Michaela doesn’t realize is that her best friend has his own vengeful plan for the Watchers. Even amidst a war, Michaela and Gabriel bask in a sliver of happiness. With every touch and kiss, Michaela discovers a new home in Gabriel’s arms. Yet happiness is ever fleeting, and Michaela learns of a vision that foretells of the greatest sacrifice she’ll ever make for Heaven. But what is sacrifice in the face of tyranny and madness? It’s a lesson Michaela may not live long enough to fully understand.
The Only One (End of Days, #3)
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Someone pressed himself against Michaela’s back, his hands twining around her stomach. She felt his lips on her neck, his breath in her ear. He said something, but Michaela couldn’t hear. Clark cocked an eyebrow at her and moved away slightly to dance with a petite girl in a fox costume. Michaela twisted in the man’s arms so that they were face to face. He was tall and lanky and definitely human. The pupils of his eyes were huge, dilated far beyond normal, and Michaela smelled the musky hint of drugs seeping from his mouth. His hands roamed over her body, groping her ass. There was no room to get away; the bodies in the middle of the floor were pressed so close together. For a moment, panic flooded through Michaela’s veins. Sure she could knock this guy out with one hit, but she didn’t want to bring attention to herself. She looked around, realizing that everyone was experiencing the same sort of free will she was. She had no clue how the human girls dealt with this sort of invasion. In her distraction, she didn’t realize the man in front of her was about to kiss her until the second before his lips smashed into hers. Immediately, his tongue pressed into her mouth, forcing her lips to part. His tangy salvia pooled at the back of her throat and gagged her. His hand slid up her side to fist around her breast. In that appalling moment, Michaela realized two things. The first being that Gabriel, who was very new to the whole sex thing, was very, very good at the sex thing. And the second being…Gabriel. He stood in all his tall, dark glory behind the man sucking on Michaela’s tongue. Lifting his hand as if he was going to tap on the man’s shoulder and ask to cut in, Gabriel pressed a finger onto on the man’s shoulder, making him instantly sag to the floor. Gabriel pressed harder into the pressure point on the guy’s neck until he was nearly on the floor and completely disengaged from Michaela. It was quiet and efficient. Gabriel righted the man and set him aside before he made too much of a scene. In the mass of pulsing bodies and underneath the flashing storm of rainbow lights, it was unnoticeable. The man moved away, slightly stunned and confused, but without a backwards glance. Michaela shrugged sheepishly at Gabriel’s blank stare. Only because she was looking at his mouth was she able to read his lips as he spoke. “Don’t kiss anyone else.”  

Meg Collett 
About the Author
Meg Collett lives deep in the hills of Tennessee where the the cell phone service is a blessing and the Internet is a myth of epic proportions. She is the mother of one giant horse named Elle and two dogs named Wylla and Mandy. Her husband is a saint for putting up with her ragtag life. End of Days is her first series.

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Smoulder by Kelbian Noel ~ Cover Reveal & Giveaway

I'm excited to share the cover for Smolder, book three in The Witchbound series by Kelbian Noel.  This is a YA urban fantasy series and the first two books are Roots and Sprung.  Check out the gorgeous cover and then enter to win a $25 gift card!
Smolder Book Cover
Smolder (Witchbound #3) by Kelbian Noel
About Smolder:
Calida Cevallos has never been special. In fact, as far as she’s concerned, there isn’t an exceptional bone in her body. But, this summer, she’ll discover extraordinary literally runs through her veins.
I’ve always been a burden. The girl people put up with, the one they tolerated. When I finally found someone who actually wanted me around, I couldn’t have be happier. But lately something’s been bubbling at the surface. Something wants to break free…and I’m afraid it’s me.
I love him. And, for a time, I thought I needed him. Now I’m not so sure. These days, I get the feeling I’m the one who’s needed. By whom? I’m about to find out.


Roots (Witchbound Book One) by Kelbian Noel

288 pages

Seventeen-year-old Baltimore Land just wants to be normal, but magic has other plans.

I don’t consider myself a witch, that’s my parents’ thing. I’ve never really believed in magic either. Sure, I tried it a few times. Fell for the whole “magic happens” thing. But it didn’t happen to me. No amount of rhyming stopped my parents from moving me halfway across the country. Not one spell stopped me from being labeled the town freak.

And worst of all, no matter how many times I begged the Universe to bring my twin back, I was ignored. Until now.

He’s back all right. And in a magical bind of his own. Not the magic-won’t-work-for-me kind either. In fact, it’s working a little too well. Too dark. Too deep.

It turns out our entire family’s magical roots run just as deep and my brother didn’t end up where he is by accident. So I’m going to help him. But magic isn’t really on my side. Nope. Once I finally get the craft under control, I’m expected to abandon the one person in the world who’s closest to me, just to save myself.

Sprung (Witchbound Book Two) by Kelbian Noel

336 pages

Since she discovered magic, seventeen-year-old Skye Jackson’s life is almost perfect. Almost. Even perfect has its glitches.

What happens when the one with all the power makes the biggest mistakes? Welcome to my life.

Four months ago, I couldn’t have been happier. When my parents got divorced, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Especially when Mom married a guy half her age. But then I found out I wasn’t the average Joana. Discovering magic existed and, best of all, I could use it, made everything easier to deal with. That is until I got a little too spell happy. But what girl wouldn’t defend her best friend against a world-class creep? Now I’m stuck in a nightmare, forced to make life and death decisions I never dreamed I’d face.

Love the magic, hate the responsibility.

About the Author:
Kelbian Noel was born on a warm June night in Moncton, New Brunswick. From a very young age, she loved to read. She found herself engulfed in novels by Janette Oke and L.M. Montgomery, but never seemed to find herself in the pages. At the age of 11 she declared she would simply have to rewrite them, and become the youngest author in history. But life was full of baseball, homework, BFFs and boys. Decades later, having studied writing in college and pursued it as a career, she rediscovered her hobby. She is excited to introduce The Witchbound Series to the world with hopes someone will love this story as much as she does. Kelbian lives in Toronto, Ontario with her two children (where, thanks to a thick layer of smog, Junes are much warmer than they used to be).

She is the founder of and blogs there often, in the company of some pretty cool people.

$25 Amazon Gift Card (INT)
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Jean Haus' The Reality of You

Naomi Porter was once witty, fun, and outgoing, but she has scratched outgoing off the list, along with men. She has a mediocre tech job in fabulous New York, a large smut book collection, and awesome friends, both tangible and in an online gaming community. She just doesn’t date. A future filled with cats and housedresses beats having her heart broken again.

But Naomi still likes men, even kind of stalks—mostly fantasizes about—a gorgeous one at work during lunch.

Her best friend, Kara, is determined that Naomi will be outgoing again. When Kara finds out who, as in a notorious playboy, Naomi is stalking at lunch, she plans to break Naomi of her lunchtime habit and bring her back into the real world. It’s just going to take a bit of deception.

Between all the deceiving, fangirling, and bumbling, Naomi might not be able to resist the temptation of turning her seven-month fantasy into reality. And really, so what if he’s a playboy or a demanding jerk? Her fantasies don’t include love or even like, just a bed or a couch or the back seat of a limo…

Reality might be just what she needs.

*A sexy romantic comedy intended for audiences 18+


~Meet Naomi Porter ~
- They each had some kind of jackass drink: dry martini, cosmopolitan, Manhattan, Caipirini, and one neat, overpriced single malt scotch. Except for me. I drank beer. American beer. From the tap, thank you very much.

-Whoa. Wow. Whoa. Between his gaze and his words, I imagined jumping on his lap and experiencing some of that.

- What was better than fried tortillas? Nothing. Well, except Doritos. But they were fried tortillas with cheese-flavored dusting.

-Could sharks jump out of the water? The ocean lay more than a hundred feet away. I wanted a shark to swallow me whole and drag me to the deep, salty depths of the sea after that ramble.

- But he is also hot, delicious, and the star of my day and night dreams.

-I didn’t cook. I constructed dips.

-I wanted to grab a toothpick and stuff it up my roommate’s nose. Two toothpicks to be precise, one for each nostril.

- Seriously, I never imagined being a tux girl, but holy hot hell, I could dry hump his suit. Preferably with him in it, but…

-You can never, ever, go wrong with bacon.

- I was going to faint. Or let out a whoop. Or tackle him. And it wasn’t just because he was removing his pants.

“Keep an open mind. First impressions aren’t always correct,” she said from behind me as we strode down the hall.
“I’m not expecting Prince Charming but those three are wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am all the way. Is a little interest, a little romance, a first date with a toe-curling kiss too much to ask for?” I inquired over my shoulder.
“Maybe you need a wham-bam to get back into business. Like get it over, then move on to the romance and the toe-curling kisses.”
“Harrumph,” escaped me before we came out of the hallway and into the main bar. Three steps into the room, I stopped dead in my tracks. I became a deer in headlights when I noticed a person sitting sideways at the bar. Dark brown hair. Square jaw. Dark winged brows. Sensual lips with a rocks glass pressed to them. I gaped as he tipped the glass higher and amber liquid touched his lips.
Kara ran into my shoulder. “What the hell?” she asked, rubbing her jaw and stepping next to me. “Don’t pull this again. It’s only one more drink.”
“It’s him,” I somehow said, though still in shock. “My lunch guy.”
“Him? What are you talking—” She followed my frozen gawk. “Holy shit, Naomi! He’s the guy you watch at lunch? That’s not a bike—that’s a luxury car! Like an Aston Martin!” Kara had a thing for luxury cars. And shoes. And clothes. And purses.
I nodded as the woman next to him gave him a sultry stare. Jealousy flared within in me. Hopefully the daydream kind, but yeah, he was an Aston Martin compared to the three ten speeds waiting in the other room.
Kara smacked her forehead. “I should have known. Why didn’t my stupid ass put two and two together when you described him? You know who he is, right?”
Locked on him, my eyes turned huge. “What? No.”

“Aggggg, not listening to Kara.” I covered my ears. “Don’t tell me.” Sure, I stalked him at lunch, but I didn’t want the possibility of becoming a full-time stalker. More than that, I didn’t want my lunchtime lustful fantasies ruined by reality. I was more than aware of it being a fantasy. I liked it as a fantasy.

I write young adult and romance novels. I read a lot too. I even do a bit of cooking, which is actually quite good. I also golf a lot in the summer with my awesome husband and son, but I cook way, way better than I golf.
I am Represented by Jane Dystel of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.



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Emily Kimelman's Unleashed

unleashedThe Sydney Rye series of mysteries feature a strong female protagonist and her rescue dog, Blue. It is recommended for the 18+ who enjoy some violence, don't mind dirty language, and are up for a dash of sex. Not to mention an awesome, rollicking good mystery!  

UNLEASHED is the first book in Emily Kimelman's best selling Sydney Rye series of mysteries.

When the series begins Sydney Rye is named Joy Humbolt. She does not like people telling her what to do, so it comes as no surprise that she was just fired from her last job. When she buys Charlene Miller's dog-walking business on Manhattan's exclusive upper east side, it seems like the perfect fit: Quiet environment, minimal contact with people. But then one of her clients turns up dead, and Charlene disappears. Rumors say Charlene was having an affair with the victim--and of course, everyone assumes Joy must know where she is. Joy begins to look into the crime, first out of curiosity then out of anger when there is another murder and threats start to come her way. When police detective Mulberry is assigned to the case, Joy finds a kindred spirit--cynical and none-too-fond of the human race. As they dig deep into the secrets of Manhattan's elite, they not only get closer to the killer but also to a point of no return. One last murder sends Joy Humbolt hurtling over the edge. Her only chance of survival is to become Sydney Rye.

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Catch up in the series: SYDNEY RYE Books **Book 1 is free** on Amazon.

Emily (author photo)Check out Emily on Amazon | Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter
Emily Kimelman is the author of the Sydney Rye Series including UNLEASHED, DEATH IN THE DARK, INSATIABLE, STRINGS OF GLASS, and THE DEVIL'S BREATH.
Emily splits her time living on a boat in the Hudson River and traveling the world with her husband and dog, Kinsey (named after Sue Grafton's Kinsey Milhone), researching exciting locations for the Sydney Rye Series. You can follow along on their adventures through instagram, Facebook, and on Emily's blog.

VOTE for Clark St. James #NACrushTourney14

Hey y’all! I’m Alicia from MHZ Book Reviews and Giveaways. As a NA Crush Tourney advocate I get the extreme pleasure of bringing you the ever hot Clark St. James from Meg’s Collett’s popular End of Days series. Now sit back and relax, but don’t ogle Clark for too long. I mean, voting is only for a limited time after all. So, without further ado, let me introduce the one, the only, Clark St. James! (and the crowd goes wild)

How about some mood music, ladies? Just press play and read on.

Clark St. James…oh where do we begin? The most special things about Clark are on the inside, so how about we start from the outside and work our way in?

The first thing you’re going to notice about Clark is his electric PINK Mohawk and light blue eyes. He’s the rebel type who likes classic rock and Chevelles. 
Clark’s jeans were the skinny, skin-tight version that looked as though they were more than a few years old and not once washed. He wore heavy worn motorcycle boots with the laces untied and duct tape holding the soles together. Dirt and grease covered his white shirt, and his pink Mohawk flopped into his eyes.” - The Hunted One (Book 1, End of Days series)

Here is a PERFECT representation of Clark…mmm. Feel free to stare for a moment. We won’t judge you for drooling. Now go vote for Clark by clicking here. We'll wait for you while you do. 

That’s right. Pink Mohawk.

In addition, Clark would rather smirk than smile. He has a stubborn look that even the angels fear. And he can rarely be seen without a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand. He likes old concert tees and leather jackets.

So now on to the best thing about Clark: his personality. 
Clark’s two best personality traits are his sense of humor and his loyalty. I mean, come on. He saves the Archangel Michaela and helps her, even though she is considered a traitor and is hunted like a fugitive. He puts his life on the line because he believes in her innocence. He even helps her clear her disgraced name so that she can restore order in Heaven. When she’s losing faith in herself, he’s always there to help her pick up the pieces. He isn’t intimidated by angels, and he’ll be the first to tell them like it is.

What about the rest of the Archangels, Michaela? Do you care that they are being hunted down for something they didn’t do? Gabriel is in Hell! That can’t be fun. Of course this is your fight! You’re the only one left to fight it!” - The Hunted One (Book 1, End of Days series)

Even in the direst of situations, he’ll put a smile on your face and a laugh in the air.

Let’s get something straight right now. That was my tongue I put in your mouth not a ring. I wasn’t proposing.” - The Lost One (Book 2, End of Days series)

But he’s more than just a smart mouth and cool hair…he also has some pretty cool special talents.
Clark happens to be part Nephilim (descendant of an angel), which means he has a bit a suppressed magic coursing through his veins. As if that wasn’t enough, in the first book of the End of Days series, he discovers an old book. When he picks it up, something…unique happens.

Michaela watched with wide eyes as a warm glow washed over the opening page, revealing words that appeared then disappeared. Clark nearly dropped the book as the pages started to turn like a stiff wind was blowing across them. Michaela couldn’t keep up as the words raced across the flipping pages before disappearing.
But they weren’t disappearing. Clark and Michaela both realized what happened at the same moment. Clark dropped the book with a curse.
Michaela didn’t catch the book, or even watch it fall. Instead, her eyes stayed transfixed on Clark’s skin. The words had raced from the book’s pages, to Clark’s hands, up his fingers, and into the skin of his forearms. The ancient language, one Michaela immediately recognized once it was still, inked in tight, intricate twists and hieroglyphics up to his biceps, leaving behind scorched skin and drops of blood.” - The Hunted One (Book 1, End of Days)

Well, that book just so happens to be the Apocrypha. It’s a book the angels didn’t even know existed, and it contains all their most ancient secrets. And now it’s on Clark’s skin. And trust us when we tell you, he had a few choice words to say about it and we probably shouldn’t include them here.
So not only is Clark funny and good looking, but he just might help the Archangel Michaela save Heaven and Earth from rogue holy angels. And that’s pretty cool.

So to recap…
Why should you, dear reader, vote for Clark? Because not only is he sexy and funny, but he’s a good guy. Maybe he’s a little rough around the edges because he swears and drinks a lot, but his heart is the best around. He can turn you on one second then have you cracking up the next. But most importantly, he’ll always stand by your side. No one is more loyal than Clark. He can be your boyfriend and your best friend. He’ll always be there to pick you up and give you the kick in the booty to get going. He’ll tell you the truth, but he’ll put a smile on your face when he does it. There’s no one quite like Clark. And that’s why you should vote for him.

Ready to vote?
Click here to vote 

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B N Toler's The Suit ~ Cover Reveal


What happens when two dreams collide?
Fed up with the farm life and his one-time love of training horses, John Wilson has traded his tattered boots and jeans for power suits and cufflinks. Through hard work and determination, John has just graduated from law school and is focused on a fresh start. Refusing to let his bitter past hinder his future, John is intent on moving forward with his new life.
Except there’s one last thing he has to do—settle old debts before he can truly move on.
Unfortunately, settling debts involves him returning to a life he’s worked hard to forget. A mind-numbing summer working on a horse farm awaits him, and he’s dreading every damn minute of it.
Edie James is mourning the loss of her grandfather when John Wilson shows up in his perfectly tailored suit, reeking sexiness and city elegance—everything she’s not. Their meeting is less than pleasant as they both distastefully size up one another.
She thinks he’s arrogant and a white-collar yuppie.
He thinks she’s a simple, goody two-shoes farm girl.
Edie’s grandfather made a new will before he passed leaving stipulations in order for Edie to inherit the family farm. And as if that wasn't enough of a challenge, the suit has to work on the farm with her for three months to settle a debt he owed to her grandfather.
And he’s moving in with her.
With a rocky start, the two seemingly polar opposites call a truce and attempt to be friends. As their unexpected friendship blooms, an attraction develops and both realize their first impression of each other is far from the truth. Now this once dreaded summer is set to be the hottest and most unforgettable they've ever had.

          The suit clears his throat and sits back down. His demeanor seemed moderately friendly before, but now he seems like he doesn't even want to look at me. “I’d like to get down to business if that’s okay, Ms. James. We haven't got much time.” Ms. James? Has he called me that before?
                I take the seat next to him as I pick up the tasty looking croissant. The more time I spend with him, the less I like him and he already started with a disadvantage, so as unfriendly as I might be, and believe me I'm committing a Southern faux pas here, I ask, “Might you share what it is we haven't much time for, suit?”
                His gaze meets mine and he arches a questioning brow. “Suit?”

                “Yeah.” I shrug casually. Calling him suit is rude, by any fine Southerner’s standards, but I’m not in the mood to be particularly polite today. “You look like one of those guys who never takes it off. Like it’s a second skin.” I chuckle at my witty observation.

                He leans back in his seat, his gaze never leaving mine. “Well, I'd say that’s a first impression and maybe one shouldn't be so quick to judge based on a first impression. After all, your boyfriend spent most of the evening flirting with your friend at your table last night, but somehow ended up coming home with you. Wonder what kind of cute nickname I could conjure from that observation?” My mouth, full of croissant, drops open and heat washes over my face.

                That, my friends…was a low blow.

                 Okay, so I happened to open the door practically naked when the suit showed up. And Dierk happened to interrupt us in the dining room practically naked, but that kind of stuff happens all the time. Right? How could anyone assume we hooked up? I’m not that kind of girl. I’d like to tell him who I am, I’m Edie James. Sweet as apple pie and granddaughter to Bud James. Where are my fellow townsmen praising my untarnished reputation when I need them? But something tells me that wouldn't matter to him.
 Instead, I say lacking eloquence, “That…we didn't…it’s not…” What can I say? I'm a regular wordsmith over here.
“What was it you said to me before your boyfriend interrupted? Something about…people who assume?”

                Okay, he’s good.

                He’s got to be a lawyer or something. He totally just threw my words back in my face. My cheeks flame as I flounder for something clever to say. I’ve got nothing. So I roll out the best defense, “He’s not my boyfriend.” Until the words leave my mouth, it doesn’t occur to me that makes it sound like I just hooked up with some random guy.

                “Even better.” The suit snorts and starts rifling through his papers again.

                “I mean, we didn’t hook up. He’s a friend. He drove me home last night.” My worthless attempts at protecting the reputation of my virtue seem to fall on deaf ears.

               “It’s none of my business, Ms. James,” he states simply as he closes his black leather briefcase. I want to defend myself more, but he’s right. It’s not any of his business. Who cares what he thinks? I sure don’t.

                "All right, suit,” I reply snidely. If he wants to assume the worst about me, I’ll assume it about him as well. “Do tell me why you are gracing me with your presence.”

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Elisa Freilich's Silent Echo ~ Cover Reveal & Giveaway

Today we're excited to reveal the cover for Silent Echo by Elisa Freilich!


About the Book:

Rendered mute at birth, Portia Griffin has been silent for 16 years. Music is her constant companion, along with Felix, her deaf best friend who couldn't care less whether or not she can speak. If only he were as nonchalant about her new found interest in the musically gifted Max Hunter.

But Portia s silence is about to be broken with the abrupt discovery of her voice, unparalleled in its purity and the power it affords to control those around her. Able to persuade, seduce and destroy using only her voice, Portia embarks on a search for answers about who she really is, and what she is destined to do.

Available for sale:

About the Author:

Elisa Freilich has enjoyed a love affair with language from her earliest days. Raised in rural Monsey, New York, Elisa spent her days reading whatever crossed her path and developed a keen appreciation for the ever-present music in her home – from classical to rock. French lessons and creative writing workshops complemented her adolescence, which was also greatly enhanced by a summer spent abroad at Cambridge University. From the time she could read and write, Elisa could often be found composing poems, song lyrics and satirical newspapers.

Throughout the years, Elisa has retained her devotion to all genres of books and music and was determined to synthesize her passions into one refreshing and original platform. The result is her debut novel, SILENT ECHO: A Siren’s Tale, which will be published by Diversion Books in September 2013. With her own lyrical style, Elisa has created a world that young adults around the globe will find intensely gripping and refreshingly original. 


Awesome paper lashes like the ones on the cover, Signed poster of the cover and an ebook of Silent Echo