Monday, December 23, 2013

Noah Zarc Trilogy by D. Robert Pease

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Noah Zarc: Omnibus is the entire Noah Zarc series packed into one book with 22 special illustrations, all drawn by none other than Evolved Publishing's very the talented D. Robert Pease.


 Noah Zarc: Mammoth Trouble
Noah lives for piloting spaceships through time, dodging killer robots and saving Earth’s animals from extinction. Life couldn’t be better. However, the twelve-year-old time traveler soon learns it could be a whole lot worse, when he is attacked at every turn by a foe bent on destroying a newly habitable, post-apocalyptic Earth.


 Noah Zarc: Cataclysm
While searching for answers to secrets that have remained hidden for over a thousand years, Noah
becomes embroiled in a mission which could cause the greatest cataclysm in the history of the solar system; the total destruction of life on Earth.

 Noah Zarc: Declaration
As battles rage across the reaches of space, Noah works to join together a rag-tag bunch of miners, farmers, and scientists who would rather just live in peace. With only a time-traveling ship full of animals and a general from the history books the Zarc family must stand against the most powerful man in the universe.

D. Robert Pease has been interested in creating worlds since childhood. From building in the sandbox behind his house, to drawing fantastical worlds with paper and pencil, there has hardly been a time he hasn't been off on some adventure in his mind, to the dismay of parents and teachers alike. Also, since the moment he could read, books have consumed vast swaths of his life. From The Mouse and the Motorcycle, to The Lord of the Rings, worlds just beyond reality have called to him like Homer's Sirens. It's not surprising then he chose to write stories of his own. Each filled with worlds just beyond reach, but close enough we can all catch a glimpse of ourselves in the characters he brings to life.


Back in July I read and reviewed the first book in the Noah Zarc trilogy; Noah Zarc: Mammoth Trouble. Here is my amazon review I wrote at that time -

When I was a kid I use to think that by the year 2000 everything would be flying space ships, time travel and well very similar to the time Noah Zarc lives in. So of course, reading this book took me back in time a little as well! I love that Pease did not allow Noah's disabilities to get in the way and showed the despite our short comings we are able to do things when we put our minds to it - including getting into trouble!

Noah is living upon a floating arc in space with his parents, brother, sister, dog and a spaceship full of different animal species from whales to elephants and more. Earth has been destroyed (big shocker) & now Noah's parents must go back in time to collect one male & one female of every animals in hopes of repopulating earth again at some point (sound familiar - Noah's Arc). Unfortunately someone is out to stop their efforts and a big secret is reviled that will change Noah's life.

I love all the twist and turns, the ups and downs. A wonderful read for all middle grade students. 

For the rest of the trilogy I read Omnibus, which as I stated earlier, and includes hand drawn pictures from D. Robert Pease.
Things just continue to get better with Cataclysm and continue with Declaration. In Cataclysm Noah is determined to prove the Haon is not the monster that he has been made out to be, especially after learning that Haon is actually his father! When Noah sets out to Venus to find Haon after having some very weird and vivid "dreams" he's in for a real shock. Hoan has been imprisoned and is suppose to be unable to escape. However, when a little boy Noah met upon the spaceship to Venus leads him to Haon's apartment he finds Haon waiting for him. Much to Noah's surprise he learns that Haon is still imprisoned, he has just created a robot version of himself! Haon has called Noah to Venus so that they can go back in time and try to set things right and prevent the Great Cataclysm, but are we ever really able to change the past - even when time travel is possible?

Noah has grown so much since Mammoth Trouble. He is starting to notice Adina in a different way, but he's not sure she feels the same way. Or does she like Draben?

As with Mammoth Trouble, D. Robert Pease takes us up and down, throws us around the cabin of the ARC and spits us out in space! There is just so much excitement and adventure that there is certainly never a dull moment.

Declaration takes place with Noah's family helping the planets stand up against the Poligarcy's army and taking down Sarc. They each of the planets warning them of Sarc and trying to get them all on board for taking a stand against the Poligarcy. With a time travel on their side, will the Zarc's be able to take Sarc down?

I could easily see a child with a love for reading, sitting down for the weekend and wiping out the entire series. Once you get started you get sucked in and you don't want to let go.