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Brenda Lochinger's I'm Squirrely! Giveaway

Book Cover and Info

Title: I'm Squirrely!
Author: Brenda Lochinger
Genre: Action and Adventure/ADHD
Audience: Lower Grade/All
Formats: Paperback and e-book
Publisher: Rocket Science Productions
Cover Design: Meredith Handcock
Illustrator: Jeffery Duckworth
Editor: Frank Monahan
Pages: 40
ISBN-10: 0983072507

ISBN-13: 978-0-9830725-0-8
Released: 3/30/2011

Author Bio

Brenda Lochinger was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and now resides in Arizona. She is a wife and mother of three. She was inspired by the experiences with her oldest son and his ADHD when writing I'm Squirrely! She wanted to depict not only the joy but, struggles that he went through when he was first dealing with it in his life. He is so creative and kind. Knowing that there are other kids and families who deal with these struggles, she though the kids would love a book they could identify with. She also thought of her family as a whole and how different and wonderful each of her children are. She is thrilled with the outpour of support from autistic community as well! She is currently working on her second book, I'm Twirrely! , based on her daughter and her love of ballet.

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The loveable adventures of a happy squirrel who just can't stay still! 

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