Monday, June 1, 2015

Cover Reveal of T. Saint John's Rebuilding (The Stone Brothers Series Book 2)

Thanks for joining us for the unveiling of T. Saint John's Rebuilding Stone (The Stone Brothers Book 2), releasing June 15th. 
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Maddox Stone, a dedicated police officer for the Chicago P.D., grew up in an abusive home. He learned early on that the only people he can trust are his brothers. He’s isn’t interested in more than one night stands.

When he meets Kerrigan, he quickly realizes she has the potential to be more, so much more. It only takes one thoughtless moment to send her running straight into the arms of a man who nearly kills her. As an officer of the law his job is to serve and protect, but he couldn't even protect the woman he's fallen for.

Kerrigan Andrews grew up believing she was trailer-park trash. She moved away from home determined to make a better life for herself. When Maddox Stone walks into her life, there is something about him she can’t ignore; but after he breaks her trust, she’s done. She runs straight into the arms of an abuser. Embarrassed, she cuts everyone out until that fateful day—Freedom Day.

Now living in constant fear, she can no longer ignore Maddox. She has no choice but to trust someone who has proven himself untrustworthy. Or is he?

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