Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cover Reveal of Nessie Wallace's Ask Me Why (Why Series Book 2)

Nessie Wallace
Ask Me Why! ( Why Series Book 2)
Photo taken by: Cynthina Collins Cover Designer: Joshua Scott Brown, JSB Designs
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Bryan is beyond broken and feels he will never have a decent life, existing in a world where he will never fit in. Finally breaking free from his parents, who knew nothing about love, abuse, hate, and anger was all he ever knew.
Until he looked into the eyes of Ramie Garland.
Ramie’s appearance only screamed happiness, fun, and love. The three things Bryan never knew existed. Her eyes spoke the words she never had to say out loud. Being around her made him want to be a better person. Finding the courage to ask her to be his girl will be a challenge.
Attending college at LSU, miles away from home and Bryan, Ramie shares a house with her older cousin, Ethan. Dealing with Ethan's not-so-innocent friends, Ramie finds herself in a situation that changes her life when she least expected it.
Can the two of them find their way to each other, or will they continue to ask themselves why things can't be different?