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Anabel Divided by Amanda Romine Lynch

Anabel Martin thought that the resolution of her father's murder would bring a resolution to her problems. After all, she was starting life over in a new place, with new friends, and new adventures, focusing on attending college and raising her daughter free from the distractions of Washington, DC. She was ready to move on.
But a trip back to the District for Meghan's wedding stirs up old feelings and brings new life to old relationships. Matt is cold and distant, while Jared is caring and attentive. A woman from Matt's past, a bold public flirtation, and Anabel's desire to be truly loved lead her to a crossroads...and her final decision leaves her with more questions than answers. 

 Anabel Divided is book 2. 

Book 1 is Anabel Unraveled
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ANABEL DIVIDED begins with a wedding and my heroine’s relationship with her boyfriend, Matt, in crisis. She’s also starting to see Jared, her daughter’s father, in a whole new light and pondering whether or not they could have something she never saw them sharing —a future.
“Alright, bridezilla. What do you want to do before bed?”
Meghan then got a wicked gleam in her eye. “Well . . . I happen to know that your movie is on in about ten minutes.”

I groaned. “You can’t be serious.” About a year after everything had happened on Caereon, I had been approached by Lifetime. They were making a movie about me, and I could cooperate and have some sort of say in the script, or I could let them do their own thing.

I was reluctantly attached as a producer.

“You know, I’ve never made it through the whole thing,” she admitted, 
flipping on Lifetime.

“Neither have I,” I rolled my eyes and stood up. “Do we at least have 
some snacks?”

“Check the kitchen,” she called, settling in as the advertisement 
proclaimed, “Next: The Anabel Martin story.”

I found some M&Ms and threw a bag of popcorn in the microwave. “I 
do think they could have done much better in the title department.”

“I agree, I can’t believe you went along with that,” she teased. Then she 
hesitated. “Hey, Annie . . . you should know that Carly’s going to be 
there tomorrow.”

And now I had to think about her. Great. I forced a smile. “You already 
warned me, and even if you hadn’t, Jared brought it up.” I grabbed a 
few M&Ms. Discussions of Carly Waterstreet warranted sugar. “I still cannot believe you invited her.”

She sighed. “I had to—her husband is one of Kevin’s partners.”

I raised my eyebrows. “She got married?” Was everybody getting 
married these days?

Meghan grinned. “Yeah. But that doesn’t mean she’ll stay away from 
Jared. So just as a heads up.”

The popcorn finished and I grabbed it and the candy and flopped down 
next to her. “Why should I care if she hangs around Jared?” I asked 
carefully, taking a handful of steaming popcorn.

Meghan avoided my eyes. “Thought you should know. By the way, I 
do love this actress that they got to play you,” she changed the subject 
with a grin. “She’s got this very sexy nasal voice.”

I laughed. “I thought the casting was decent.” I grinned at her sideways. 
“I do happen to think they did a fantastic job casting your brother, 
although you can tell he’s trying to mask his Southern accent.”

“I hate the chick they have for Alexis. Who is she, anyway?”

“Some soap star. I wanted Gwyneth Paltrow.” My heart grew cold at 
the thought of Alexis. She was still alive, even though Charlie wasn’t 

But she was still out there. Locked up. But still out there.

Don’t. Just don’t. So instead I groaned as I watched movie-me throw 
herself at Jared. “Now, I know I was pretty pathetic,” I confided to 
Meghan, “but I never, ever said to your brother, ‘Oh Jared, take me 
away from all of this! Rescue me!” I fell back on the couch with 
dramatic flair.

Meghan laughed. “And look at him! ‘I’d do anything for you, 
Anabel,’” she imitated, lowering her voice.

“Ugh, have you watched the part where they have him propose?” I 
asked her. “Like your brother would ever get down on one knee for me.”

“Yeah, he sort of blew that with you, didn’t he?” she commented, 
resting her head back against the couch.

I grinned. “Yeah, it was all very romantic. ‘Hey, Anabel, since I 
knocked you up and all, I guess we should get married.’” I shook my 
head at the memory. “It’s a wonder I never told him yes.”

“Do you think you would ever change your mind?” she questioned me.

“I don’t really . . . Meghan, I have no interest in getting married right 
now,” I reiterated. “Something Jared never understood. I need this time 
to be on my own, and not have anyone to answer to but myself, you 
know?” I searched for the words to explain. “After all those years of 
having my father grind me into the ground, it’s taken me a great deal of 
time to learn who I am again, and I really need this time.” I tilted my 
head. “Besides, I am sort of in a serious relationship.”

“But Annie, he wouldn’t even bother to come with you here,” Meghan 
reminded me. “That has to hurt.”

“It does,” I concurred. “But if it’s all the same to you, Meghan, I don’t 
want to talk about that right now.”

She nodded, and we went back to watching the movie.

Author Bio
Amanda Romine Lynch is a writer, editor, and blogger who grew up in Florida knowing she belonged somewhere else. She now lives in the DC Metro Area with her husband and three amazing little boys. She is the Eco-Friendly/Green Living Contributor over at the Prime Parents’ Club and strives to live earth friendly in a world of disposable diapers. When not writing about Anabel and Jared or chasing around a curly-haired boy, she cheers for the Gators (in all kinds of weather) and occasionally remembers to sleep.


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